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Parallel Lives


I apologize for the lack of activity in this journal. The reason for this is that I broke my own promise and started a Livejournal. I don't know if I'll move over there completely now. I love and cherish my old little diary and I'm definitely not closing it. The thing is just that there's so much more to do over at Livejournal. Plus my entries have become comparably short in the past few months so having a "several on one page"-journal seems much more appropriate for now. Also, right now I find it more convenient to have a strictly journal page. Here on Diaryland, I've added other stuff like an about site and all that I know I don't technically need to update but still feel I have to.

So yes, what I'm trying to say is for now you can find my entries here.

Keane - This Is The Last Time

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