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Ok, I decided that after almost 4 years of having this diary and some 500+ entries, it's time to make a little extra page for the people that get frequent mentions in my journal. This page may or may not change a little with time as people come and go in my life.

Some people have journals / websites of their own, so please check those out, too.

[+]Maja[+] She's my best friend. She lives miles away from me which makes things difficult sometimes. We have lots of ups and downs which usually get at least one entry dedicated to them so stay tuned to read about the next one in all its detailed glory. But in the end, we always stick together anyway. I don't think we have anything in common. My Mom even pointed that out to me once. She said "I don't know how you do it? You're completely different, you should hate each other." Hmmyeah...I don't know how it works but it does. I luff her. <3

[+]Annette[+] She's one of my closest friends. Also one of the only two friends that actually live near me. We went through our apprenticeship together and that's where we met. Ever since we finished it, we don't get to meet that often anymore but we're keeping contact. She's probably the funniest person I know but maybe I just think that because I like her dialect. We have even less in common than Maja and me. We don't even listen to the same music. But we still have lots of fun together.

[+]Tanja[+] Probably my newest friend. And also the one person I instantly "clicked" with. We met on the Despair Faction Forums (AFI's fanclub forums). We PMed and e-mailed for...at least half a year before we finally met and that worked out exceptionally well, too. She's the second part of the two people that live near me. She's also the only AFI fan I actually know which makes her special in itself. But beside that, we also agree on most other things and just get along well like that.

[+]Mom[+] Yes, my mother. She deserves her own paragraph here because I count her as a friend. I do a lot with her and I still talk to her about most things. I don't think she'll ever really get me. And I'm not gonna be silly and write stuff like "Best mother in the world" or something because most people do that and it's just not true. She's made mistakes and I love her for that and for trying not to make them again.

[+]Ivana[+] She's a friend I've met on a Placebo forum. If she did read this (I'm almost certain she doesn't read my journal) she'd maybe be surprised to see her name here. I just really love talking to her. I can vent with her and we can also have deep talks and just...whine to each other. She doesn't get mentioned here that often for the simple reason that I know how paranoid she is about people on the internet figuring things out about her, so there's not much left to write about but I wanted to mention her anyway because I value her a lot.

[+]Mariam[+] I've known her for ages. Longer than I've known Maja, me thinks. Must be about 5 or 6 years now. We've had little breaks for one reason or another but after all, I still like her very much. We can have good and deep talks or just joke around. And it also amazes me over and over again how much we have in common.

[+]Tina[+] Admittedly, we've never met but I still enjoy talking to her a lot. She's really funny and witty which makes our talks just never get boring. We disagree on a lot of things but that's not always a bad thing...

[+]Remco[+] Another person I don't get to talk to that often. I don't even think he would expect his name up here. But I have known him for years, too, and I've always liked talking to him. We couldn't be any more different than we are but I totally respect any of his choices and preferences. We very rarely get to have really good talks but when we do, I'm ready to put anyone else on hold for the time being.

[+]John[+] He's my private little stalker. He freaks me out. According to him, he's in love with me but I think it's just an infatuation. We're on a "hiatus" at the moment which means he won't start a conversation because I "refuse" to love him back. And I will never start talking to him. Because any little sign of affection or friendship gets all twisted around by him and he makes it seem like I'm doing it because I'm hopelessly in love with him. But anyway, it's a really twisted affair and that makes him prominent in my life most of the time.


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