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so wipe the smile off your face


another *forced* entry. i only mentioned that i was thinking about writing something, today and then mariam said i had to. *whines*

today, was an ok-day. no, actually it was pretty cool but there were also some annoying things happening, so i wouldn't call it brilliant or something.
i went to school and it was the best day since the beginning of the year because jenny wasn't there. so, sabrina and me had a blast. we were just fooling around and real lessons were completely impossible. and we also noticed that jenny must be the reason for the bad...well, karma in our class. because today, everyone was so relaxed and even tho, we had a really stressy new part to learn, noone freaked out. it was really pretty. the good side about what happened in erfurt (if there is such a thing as a good side to it) was that our teacher indeed thought that such things mainly happen because of all the stress that is put on students and most people in general, nowadays. and that most people give a fuck about those who are kinda left behind by the rest. so, he finally actually listened to us and our problems and said he'd try to not force all the stuff on us that much, anymore.
but then, in our german class, our group had to perform a discussion in front of the others. since jenny wasn't there, sabrina or me had to take her part. and, as usual, she refused to do it. man, that pissed me off. i mean, she's really lovely and does a lot for me but it's always ME who has to do that stuff that humiliates me in front of everyone else. but at least, i got to embarrass jenny by pretending to not being able to read her handwriting and not getting what she meant with all the grammar mistakes she'd made.

after school, i drove to holland with my mom. but before that, she left the visa card application form at the bank. YEY! SILVER ROCKET, HERE I COME!!!!
holland was great, as usual. we did some shopping and i was *really* gonna make my mom buy me those cool flower-party lamps and maybe some other things, too. but while we were looking around in some shop, my BRAND NEW jeans ripped. so, we just went to get the food we had come for in the supermarket and then drove home, again. i was SO embarrassed. but fortunately, it wasn't because i'm too fat (which doesn't mean i'm not). i mean, the jeans were almost too loose, dammit. just the zipper was a bit weird. it's gonna be fixed, next week.

i noticed something, this morning, while watching my tape with the TC and brian footage again. damn alex has almost the same leather coat as me. which makes me kinda uncomfortably because i bought it one day after the interview was shown and it looks like i'm copying him. but i think, i have to live with it because i'm copying him even more. ok, it's not really copying him. but since i saw his damn cool tattoo, i soooo want one, too. he has a little one on his wrist and i find that really kinda cute. i don't want the same pic, tho. he has the sign for the indian music god and i find it quite cool but the pic isn't really pretty. and i mean, it's not the fact that it is alex who has it but i just kinda noticed it and found it quite nice. and it's about the only place for a tattoo i could imagine myself have. i don't like big tattoos and i don't find small ones nice on most body parts. only like...wrist, ankle, below the belly button and shoulder blade. well, belly button won't work because i don't exactly have the right body for that. shoulder blade would suck too, because tops with thin straps don't suit me and ankle won't work because i'm not a skirt person and never go bare-legged anyway. plus, i imagine such an ickle tattoo to be less annoying than most others. if i won't like it anymore in, say, 20 years, it won't piss me off as much as a huge...well...unicorn across my butt or something. i can just, like, put a bracelet over it or something. i already talked to tina about it because she's a real tattoo professional. she said it wouldn't be that expensive it really calmed me down with what she said. haha. i'm sucha wimp. actually, i'm not even afraid, anymore. but i still need a good pic and money. ok, i'll use the money i'll get in july, for it. but the pic is really bothering me. i mean, i want something tribal-like or chinese signs or whatever. but i want something that is either REALLY pretty or has a nice meaning. it mustn't be too big, of course. and it should be....kinda round. or, well...not necessarily round but you know, it shouldn't have any sharp end or whatever. i can't seem to find any good sites. i really want something with a meaning but all the sites i've found only have pics and not the meaning or anything. and i dun just wanna go to a tattoo studio and browse through their stuff cos hell knows how many studios i'd have to visit til i find the right pic. damn! damn! damn! so, if you know of any decent tattoo sites with nice pics AND meanings, mail me. fankies!

anyway, i need to get away from the comp, now, cos my evil mommy needs the comp.
stay beautiful!


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