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have a nice day


here we go, again! i have a feeling, this is gonna be a happy entry, again. and i feel bad for it. with all the shit that's happened, lately. damn! i wasn't gonna mention that shit. but still, somehow, yesterday seemed to be...i dunno...is there something like a negative version of international holidays? because it really seemed like that to me.
first, that sicko who killed 17 people in a school here in germany, then that singer who died and somehow, everyone i know and talked to was having an awful day, too. it was weird. like...someone had put a drug that makes your life terrible in everyone's drinking water around the world. see, my paranoia's coming through, again. now, i'm even imagining a huge conspiracy. *laughs*

but, no, this is not gonna be an entry about the recent happenings. not because i don't find it important or i'm cold-hearted and don't care but i just don't think writing a whole entry about it is gonna change anything. and i always find it incredibly silly when people who have nothing to do with the actual thing keep ranting on about it as if they knew all the details or something.

today was a VERY good day for moi. i went shopping with my mommy (yes, again). actually, we just needed to go to HMV to pick my darren CD up. but somehow, we ended up on a huge shopping spree. i also bought the 'wherever you will go' single be the calling (don't ask me why - i hate singles) and my mom bought me a FANCY black leather coat, an ultra-cool pair of jeans and a really cute bag which is made of pink jean tissue and there's 'glamour junkie' in dark pink glitter stuff written on it. i just noticed, when you read through my entries, you could get the feeling that we're awfully rich. but really, we aren't. you know, we don't really go shopping THAT often. and the stuff we buy isn't THAT expensive, either. for example, i only got the leather coat because it was cheaper than before. it used to cost 59.90 but now, it only cost 29.90. so, that's really quite cool. and on our way home we stopped at a mcdrive and i got another happy meal with another diva star. this time, i got the one with the brown hair who plays the guitar. but i wanted a mcsundae with hot fudge. but the bastards gave me chocolate sauce. it's not that i don't like chocolate sauce. it's just that i don't need to go to mcdonalds to get it. you can buy that everywhere but you can't get hot fudge anywhere.

i am happy. yesterday, the owner of the bsh, leigh, said that stef said they're gonna work on a new album and start recording it in july. maybe, it's even gonna be a double album. AND there'll be a fanclub gig, soon. *makes mommy hurry up with her visa* ok ok, if any bsh'ers are reading this...i know, leigh didn't post it, yesterday, but i read it, yesterday. hehe. the date, however, doesn't matter. i'm happy. they're baaaack.
oh, and the calling were on telly, here yesterday. i taped it but couldn't watch it, yet. i only saw, like, the last 3 minutes or so. and i noticed that alex really has a weird face. whenever i see him, he looks different. people like that make me nervous. you can't really read their face because whenever you meet them you're too busy with studying its general features.

maja send me a parcel with reeeeeaaaallly sweet pressies in it. like, helly kitty bubble gum (HAHA, ALEX! MY BUBBLEGUM'S BETTA THAN YOURS!!! ) and stickers and roll-on glitter and stuff. i still have to call her and thank her, tho. yesterday, she called me but my mobile was off, again. sowwwyyyy. sometimes, i wonder what i have a mobile for, anyway. i'm one of the people who really only have one to say they have one or so. *lol* or to not lose my connection to the civilization when i'm locked up at school.

oh oh oh, yesterday, i also finally got the posters i ordered. i really wonder what my room says about me. i have lots of weird things that don't fit together. for example my posters. i have the crow, the powerpuff girls, placebo, glitterbug, the manics and a few other things. that sooo doesn't go together. hehe. or pink walls and all sorts of girlish things but very hightech-industrial-like furniture.
anyway, i'm going back there, now. to torture my sims. or, no, first i'm gonna watch 'malcolm in the middle'.

stay beautiful!


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