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eventful day


aww...i just kinda found out that darren hayes will be touring the uk in september/october. i'm not his biggest fan, anymore (not that i ever was) but i definitely wanna go there. i'm not too fond of the new stuff but he knows how to get a crowd going and that's cool. so, i'm a little jealous. but i'm sure uk dates mean that european tour dates are gonna follow soon. ok, a rock gig (preferably the manics or placebo) would be better but my last gig is soooo long ago that i'd probably go to about anything. hehe.

euw...a gotta go and get a bottle of coke. don't go anywhere. wait for me.
ha, i'm back and you're still here. i knew you loved me...ok, that was cheezy.

i'm really a bad person, you know. today, a friend of my mom called but she wasn't home, so the woman gave me some cryptic message for her saying "she got the right" and i was like "huh?" but she said my mom would understand. the woman sounded really down and obviously tried to make conversation with me. but i didn't really know what it was all about and wasn't in the mood to talk about things i had no clue about anyway. but a minute after i had told her i'd tell my mom to call bad and hung up, i realized she had been talking about her colleague whom she had been having trouble with for a while already which basically made work hell for her. so, i felt really bad for not taking the time to listen to her for a while and all. but calling her back wasn't an option since i don't know her that well and it would have been awkward and i wouldn't have known what to say anyway. so, when my mom came home, i kept running after her and telling her to call her friend back until she actually did it. i hope she doesn't hate me now. :(

i have that dreadful medical test tomorrow. i have no idea what they're gonna do and i hate doctors. so, i'm feeling even more uncomfortable than before the actual job test. but sabrina assured me that it wouldn't be that bad. but probably i'll have to piss in a bottle, again. bah! ok, i'm not on drugs or something and i doubt it'll reveal any dark secrets not even i know about but that's soooo not human...making me pee into that thing and actually carry the stuff around to the nurse and all. and even the thought of someone "playing around" with my pee. o.O do you actually have to have some sort of weird mental disease to do that job?

gawd, this entry is taking me way too long to type. i'm watching "valentine" while writing this and david boreanis (sp?) is just so yummy and the movie's quite nice aswell so i'm getting distracted all the time. and basically, i don't have much to write anyway because i didn't do much today. i slept til 11.20am (again) when my mobile alarm woke me up because the osbournes would be on soon. so, i watched that and planned to go back to sleep but my mom heard the tv and came in and started talking to me and picking up my dirty clothes from the floor (i hate it when she does that) so i couldn't sleep anymore. so i got up, ate something, watched some tv and basically wobbled around the flat for a while. then, i went to sleep again around 6pm and slept til 9pm or something, then took a shower aaaand now, i'm here. very eventful, yup.

uh...i wanna go and watch the movie now (even tho it'll be over in 20 mins or something) and i haven't much to write anymore anyway. soo i'm gonna leave you now. bye bye my lovelies! *disappears in a cloud of glitter*


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