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the sun is up i'm so fizzy i could burst


ok, so dland's a little fucked up. i had to make a new misc page and this inspired me to also make a cast page. actually, i was thinking about doing so forever because i keep mentioning people and whoever reads this probably hasn't any idea who i'm talking about. i think i used to have such a page a while back but it's not up-to-date and i can't find it anymore among my 400+ entries. doesn't matter anyway.

i'm so glad i had today off. i was really close to breaking down at work. i'm just over-emotional again at the moment and work isn't a good place to be when i'm like that. people there are pretty tough and mean. by now, i even stopped trying to get along with most of them. i feel like they're talking behind my back and most of them are pretty two-faced anyway. i get along with a few people who also used to be in my starter group (my "homies", tee hee) and that's all i need. i think the others are determined to hate us because we were newly hired and some of the old people had to leave. but that's not my fault and i refuse to be understanding. by now, i half-way hope they will fire me. i mean, i would probably never quit because i know i'm way too lucky for even having found a job that's at least decently paid. i keep hearing about how my area has the most unemployed people except for the ex-GDR and how most of us are probably gonna leave northrhine-westfalia within the next 30 years because we can't live here anymore. so yeah, i am lucky and if i quit, i'd have to kick myself in the arse a few times. but if they fire me, i can be all like "aww, damn!"
work itself is even getting quite alright, lately. now that i don't feel so clueless about things anymore, i can see the funny sides about people having problems with their phones because of their own stupidity. and the whole late shift thing is starting to grow on me, too, though i got a full week of early shift some time in june which is great. the only thing that really really really bothers me now is the staff. me and k. spent a day upstairs on the other floor last week and it was so awesome. they were all so nice and funny. <3 our floor really sucks with all those arrogant bitches. damn!

anyway, so i made use of today. i tidied things up a little, washed some clothes and then went to visit my mum. she was bored to death because nothing was going on at the center today since it was a bank holiday. she didn't want to come home for the day because she's doing that over the weekend already and me driving her back and forth would have been stupid. so i decided to occupy her a little with my presence. the way there was great, too. i switched on the a/c in my car (33C!!!!!) and spent the whole way listening to the new visions sampler. i don't get to do that a lot. or at least, i'm never open enough to listen to that much new music at once and also concentrate on it.

oh yeah, i got my piercing back. whee. i missed it. but the chick must have fucked it up a little because it's slightly inflamed now. well, the area around it is. i can't remember having had the same issues last time. but whatever, i'm happy.

i decided that i'm gonna ask for a few days off when maja comes here but just when i came up with that brilliant idea, the mighty TL took his two week holiday and now i have to wait until he gets back. and then he'll probably be all busy and constantly rushing to and from places only he knows and i'll forget about it all. meh.

oh yay, i just pissed j. off on msn. dunno, he just keeps talking to me on this superficial level. about the weather and the news and all and i really have to be in an insanely happy mood to indulge in a conversation like that with him. especially since he has extreme issues with understanding that people's opinions can vary. it's cute how he keeps wasting his money because he's usually chatting from his cell phone. he once said i'm pretty much the only one on his buddy list he regularly talks to, so that must mean he's regularly wasting his money on trying to get me to reply to his attempts. sweet. makes me feel like a cunt but aww.

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