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evilness, oasis and...underwear?!


boah, i am still soooo tired. and more annoyed than ever.
i couldn't sleep last night because...well, i dunno. the point is that i didn't fall asleep before 3.30am or something. and today, at 11.20am, my mom came rushing in and went like "they've broken into the car. and they've taken the cd-player with them." oh super! not only did they take the cd-player but also my lovely placebo-silver rocket-wallet :( and they broke the door open which now can't be closed properly and i bet tomorrow when we wake up the rest will be taken away, too. *lmao*
sooo...after having heard those wonderful news, i couldn't go back to sleep, anymore. so, i got up and stumbled across the flat and did do things i can't even remember anymore because i was still half asleep. i know that i was quite happy because my visions issue (german music mag) arrived today. but i don't remember what's in it though i spend at least an hour reading several articles and stuff.
then, when i had woken up a little, i complained to my mom that this was poo because we couldn't do ANYTHING today because the car's broken and public transport sucks. but she said since only the door was broken and she had taken pix of the car, we could go shopping anyway. so, we drove to another mall then usual (mainly because we've been to our usual one 5 or 6 times in the past 3 weeks) and i bought loads of stuff. i finally got the robbie williams dvd which is even more fabulous than i thought. and my mom bought me two new really pretty sets of underwear. one's pink and rather lace-ish and the other's a leopard-print with black lace. rarrr!oh, and i found an old gift certificate that i had bought for a friend some time ago but this "friend" isn't talking to me anymore, so i spent that on new perfume. :) i think i bought something else but i've bought sooo much lately that i simply forgot what it was. maybe i should cut back a little and wait for london. yeah, i should do that. and i will. actually, it shouldn't be too hard because i won't get to shop much in the next few days. we're getting the car repaired tomorrow and probably they'll keep it til friday or saturday or longer. and next week i have to go to my school to get my results and spend the 2nd july sitting at home waiting for the guy who's supposed to come and fix my wardrobe then which somehow also broke down, yesterday.

aaaanyway...what's the thing with oasis all about lately? i mean, ok, their new songs are ok-ish. just about as ok-ish as most of their stuff has been. and new album here blabla and a new gig there yaddayadda. i think it's quite sad that they actually manage to get THAT much attention with the weird show they're pulling off. people always say that they're not stupid enough to buy such an uncool thing but there you have the proof. i mean, usually i say the music's the most important thing and if a band has really amazing songs but its members are arseholes, i won't give a shit. but oasis are soooo overdoing it and i just want them to be taught a bloody lesson.

waaaahhh...i can't think straight. still. so, i guess i'm going to bed now. i hope this time i'll get about 10-15 hours more sleep than last night. *yawns*


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