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*yawns* evening! i need sleep! desperately. but velvet goldmine will be on, tonight. no, i'm not obsessed. just insane.
btw...it's time for a little 'pink moment':

Today, 10.05 am
school's annoying me to an extent that i'm ready to puke. whenever one teacher's ill, someone else grabs their lesson. so, on days like today we have 4 or more lessons with the same teacher. and this time, it's a teacher who loves group work. i hate group work. i'm not a very social person, wo it annoys me, if i have to have discussions about things i don't care about with people i don't like.
jenny's pissing me off, too. it's her birthday next week and she pretends to be completely indifferent about it. she keeps telling us how everyone forces her to celebrate and shit. but, c'mon, that chick has no friends. well, ok, she has about 2. if she had more, she'd tell us all sorts of shit about them. GAWD! today, she happily told us how she got some tickets for that youth exhibition in may. and it was SO obvious that she wanted us to say we'd go with her, of course, we didn't. spending a whole day with her seems equally bad as spending a day in hell to me. i already have nightmares about her.
eep! my german/GL teacher just told me my grades. i'm between 1 and 2 (A and B) in both subjects. (jenny's comment: "i knew it! geek!" my reply: "BITCH!" ) i figured, 2 would be enough. i don't wanna make any more effort. but it would be cool. i'd have three 1's so far, then. freaky!
ARGH! SHUT HER UUUUUUUP! she just went like "i gotta work 8 hours during my apprenticeship. isn't that terrible?" no, jenny, that's normal. ack, fuck her, dammit!
aww...velvet goldmine will be on, tonight. (yeah, so i was wrong about thursday) i guess, me won't be getting much sleep, then. who cares? who said i have to be awake for school?

so much for my random thoughts at school.
so, how often did i mention velvet goldmine, now? hehe. it's sad how this is so exciting. it actually isn't. i don't really care. i just happen to mention it a lot.
i had my first 'accident' today. nothing bad, though. just a car which bumped into another car which bumped into a scooter which bumped into my car. and i didn't even really notice. i felt a little bump, turned around, showed him the finger and drove on. after picking up my mom, i passed the place again and saw how much had really happened and i was like 'OMG' because i really didn't notice that. we later noticed that our number plate had a little scratch and stuff but it doesn't matter.
but today sucked anyway. i wasn't even awake for 30 mins when i left home. and i let the engine die at a traffic light. *blushes* and after that, things got worse. my teachers pissed me off, that scooter guy bumped into my car, my evil neighbor stole my parking lot. BAH! BUT my sims finally had a baby! yeeeeey. it's a boy and i called him alex.
well, i could write on and on and on but...i can't think of anything. and i don't wanna write 2760 sites about jimmy eat world and heather nova and björk, again. but i have to kill time. not here, though. well, i'm off here, then.

stay beautiful!

ps: yey! over 500 visitors. i, however, missed it. so, mail me if you were the 500th visitor and i'll give you...um...one my cute diva starz dolls. or...no, i'll give you a wet, sloppy kiss...on the cheek...not the one in your face, tho!


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