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kathy alone at home


so, my mum's going to her therapy center tomorrow. somehow, i ended up having to drive her there which means getting up around 6.30. she has to be there around 9 and i won't start work before 12.30. which means hours of sitting around at work. i hate my life sometimes.

but i can't wait for having the home to myself. i just can't decide whether i want to make tomorrow night an AFI dvd marathon or a masturbation night. heh. just kidding. i'll probably be in bed early anyway. i have the day off on friday and i booked an appointment with our local piercing studio. i'm gonna get my lovely piercing back in. my coworker k. got one done last weekend and i noticed just how much i miss mine, so i immediately called in there and got me said appointment. i can't wait. it's not even expensive. i remember paying around 90DM when i got it done for the first time and now it's only 35€. well, i know the hoop will be slightly more expensive as i don't want the usual metal stuff as my skin's kinda weird when it comes to jewellery. but i still think the price is reasonable. i'm slightly nervous though. but that's normal with moi.

oh, the big news is that i now know what my father's side of the family thinks about me. i never asked for their opinion but got it anyway (awesome service!). i met my aunt on sunday (on my way from the car to our house after getting food from burger king - haha, she had to catch me in the sweetest situation, of course!) and she went all like "i heard you were working - we never thought you would take a u-turn and actually work someday!" gee, thanks! i mean, saying i imagined myself with a crappy job like mine would be too much and yes, i am a lazy cow but c'mon! i'm not that bad. i won't go out of my way to become an unemployed sleazebag. it amused me, however, how her next sentence was "you and your mum never visit anymore." well, well, just why might that be?! lovely family.

work, however, is getting slightly better. today, k. and moi were assigned to the back office team which means we have to support the BO by sorting out a few easier cases. for example when customers send us a fax with their new address, we must change it in the system. that's awesome because it means we needn't accept calls for some hour or so. and i can send out text messages to the customers then. which also amuses me. technically, i could also use that tool to send messages to friends. which i won't but we were told that one chick once did. unfortunately, she didn't know that everyone who could access said tool could read what she was sending out. so the BO team had a lot of fun following the story of her rather sad break-up with her boyfriend. sounds like fun to me.


AFI - days of the phoenix

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